To facilitate the exploitation of A Train satellite data in numerical models, we continue to develop a system called COSP that allows to simulate the signal that these satellites would see in a model-generated world. It is a flexible tool to simulate active instruments in models (climate, forecast, cloud-resolving). Satellites with simulators included in the tool include: CloudSat, CALIPSO, ISCCP, MISR, MODIS.

There are several groups involved in the project:

The approach is to create a modular code in FORTRAN90 that can be plugged in different types of models, from global climate models to cloud resolving models. More details are in the 2011 COSP description paper led by Alejandro Bodas-Salcedo in the Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society and 2018 COSP2 description paper led by Dustin Swales in Geophysical Model Development.

Questions? Contact CFMIP co-chair Alejandro Bodas-Salcedo alejandro.bodas(at)


The CFMIP COSP page before January 2017 is available here.