Informal Experiments

Lead coordinators: Yen-Ting Hwang, Allison Wing, and Thorsten Mauritsen

Why further CFMIP experiments?

CFMIP has promoted continuously model intercomparison studies which can contribute to answer important scientific questions about roles of clouds and their coupling with circulation in a changing climate. After the CFMIP3 experimental design, connected to CMIP6, was frozen, we received newer ideas of multi-GCM experiments. They are thus not included in the CFMIP3/CMIP6 experiments, but will be supported and encouraged in CFMIP. The CFMIP SSC is now discussing how to help drive these informal CFMIP experiments forward.

Description of informal CFMIP experiments

Currently several informal CFMIP experiments are actively on the move. Click to see a brief description of each experiment.

1. ETIN-MIP (Contact: Sarah Kang), see updates as of the 2023 meeting here

2. COMBLE-MIP or Arctic cold-air outbreak LES/SCM MIP (contact: Tim Juliano, Florian Tornow, Ann Fridlind), Contact: Tim Juliano), see updates as of the 2024 meeting here

3. RCEMIP (Contact: Allison Wing), see updates as of the 2024 meeting here 

4. ITCZ-MIP (Contact: Angie Pendergrass), see updates as of the 2022 meeting here 

5. TRAC-MIP (Contact: Aiko Voigt and Michela Biasutti), see updates as of the 2022 meeting here

6. Evaluation of cloud-base precipitation rates using ground-based observation (Israel Siber and Ann Fridlind)

7. Cloud Adjustment MIP, CAMIP (contact: Nick Lutsko)

8. Green's Function MIP, GFMIP (contact: Jonah-Bloch Johnson)

9. Pattern-effect MIP (contact: Angshuman Modak, Thorsten Mauritsen)

10. Coupled Green's Function MIP, CGF-MIP (contact: Malte Stuecker) 

Updates from GFMIP, Pattern-effect MIP, Coupled Green's Function MIP, and TROPICS working group updates as of 2023 meeting here